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About MusixMusix

An Experience Collection Of Thousands of Tracks

It's the ultimate music service that puts retailers and you in control, allowing you to play all their favorite tunes whenever you want, giving you the freedom to customize the listening experience to perfectly suit any moment or mood in your stores or establishments.

Obtain All Neccessary License

All the music in the Musixmusix library is licensed to us for public performance purposes and  the copyright holders have not authorized agencies such as MACP, PPM, and RPM to collect royalties on their behalf. Therefore, clients who use music exclusively from our library are exempt from royalty collections by these agencies.

Optimized In-store Music System

You can have us cater to your customers' music preferences while providing opportunities for third-party brand advertising and running engaging in-store promotional campaigns to enhance their shopping experience.

Support of Local Music Scene

You are nurturing the local music scene by joining us. By collaborating with diverse, exceptionally talented artists, you can stream 120 new original songs annually and 20 curated playlists monthly for various local festivities, enhancing your customers' experience.

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